“We, the Stephen Ministers of St. Lawrence Church, are Christ centered lay ministers, who reach out and provide one-on-one, confidential Christian caregiving to our suffering brothers and sisters.  Through our loving and steady presence, we share Christ’s love, bringing His healing and hope.”


Life often presents many challenges some of which can become overwhelming.   We have been taught to be strong, self-sufficient, independent people.  If we ask for help, it might be perceived as a sign of weakness.  The anxiety intensifies as our feelings and concerns are buried deep inside.  God wants us to care for others....and allow others to care for us.  Our Stephen Ministry program at St. Lawrence provides one-on-one confidential Christian care to an individual in their time of need.  The program is administered by parish members who have been trained to listen, pray, encourage and share Christ’s love and his healing power and hope. If you or someone you know could benefit from this type of caring relationship, ask for our help. 



We all experience challenges in life --- times when we could benefit from the support of a caring Christian friend.  Stephen Ministers are ready to provide the emotional and spiritual care we need when faced with a crisis or difficulty such as  --

Loss of a loved one Hospitalization
Divorce or separation Loneliness or discouragement
Spiritual crisis Unemployment or a job crisis
A terminal illness Incarceration
Ageing Birth, adoption, miscarriage, or infertility
A chronic illness Relocation
Recovery after an accident or disaster And many more. . . .



Listed below are two video presentations that describe our Stephen Ministry program.  We invite you to view one or both:

Stephen Ministry Video A   (2 min / 2 sec)   

Stephen Ministry Video B   (1 min / 55 sec) 



The Stephen Minister helps the care receiver to resolve the difficulties and achieve growth.  Most Stephen Ministers meet once a week with their care receiver for about an hour at a time.  Stephen Ministers use special skills to provide comfort for their care receivers.  Among the most important are the following:

Listening.  Most care receivers need someone simply to listen—really listen—as they talk through their difficulties.

Dealing with feelings.  Stephen Ministers reflect the care receiver’s feelings and ideas to help the care receiver recognize, express, and accept his or her feelings.

Sharing distinctively Christian care.  Stephen Ministers may share a prayer, a bible verse or story, and other Christian caring approaches providing that the care receiver welcomes these Christian caring resources.

Remaining Process Oriented.  Stephen Ministers do not try to fix the care receiver or his or her problems; they focus on the process of care giving and rely on God to achieve the results.

Respecting Boundaries.  Stephen Ministers set appropriate boundaries in the caring relationship, helping the care receiver to remain as independent as possible while being there for the care receiver as needed.

Maintaining Confidentiality.  Stephen Ministers understand that confidentiality is crucial in any caring relationship.  The care receiver needs to know that what he or she says to the Stephen Minister will remain in confidence.

Recommending professional care when necessary.  Stephen Ministers are not trained to care for those who are suicidal, severely depressed, abusive, homicidal, or who are abusing drugs or alcohol.  If Stephen Ministers recognize that their care receiver’s needs exceed the care they are able to provide, they will recommend that the care receiver receives professional care.                                              



Stephen Ministers participate faithfully in supervision and continuing education sessions on a monthly basis.  While maintaining strict confidentiality for care receivers throughout these sessions, supervision provides Stephen Ministers with support, guidance, and accountability for their caring relationships.  There are no unsupervised Stephen Ministers. 



If you would like further information concerning the Stephen Ministry program at St. Lawrence, we would welcome your call.  Please call the Parish Office at (586) 731-5347.