"Where your treasure lies,
there will your heart also be."
(Matthew 6:21)

Become Part of Our Community!y!

It's easy to join St. Lawrence and become part of our Catholic Community. Please follow
the instructions below and call our office (586-731-5347)if you have any questions!

1. If you are currently a registered parishioner at a Catholic church, we ask that you
let that church know you are joining St. Lawrence. If you are not a registered member
of a church, it's okay! Either way, all you have to do is complete the registration for
St. Lawrence. (Children living at home age 17 and younger may be listed on their
parent's registration. Children living at home who are 18 years old or older should
register on their own.)

2. You can either complete our form online, print it out and bring it to the parish office
OR you can print the form, handwrite the information and bring it to the parish office.
(Please note that you will not "officially" become a registered parishioner until you visit
the parish office and turn in your form!)

3. When you visit the parish office to turn in your form, you will receive a welcome packet which includes your envelope number and information about the various ministries and groups that are a big part of our vibrant community.

4. As always, you can call the parish office (586-731-5347) with questions or for more information.

Click here for our registration form