Renovation 1989 - 1990

"Renovation '89"
An impressive $450,000 renovation program was conducted by Fr. Burns at the close of the decade. Entitled "Renovation '89" it began with an extensive pledge program under the direction of Albert Donadio, Jr. With a growing congregation and no extra space, Fr. Burns drafted a plan to improve conditions in the church. The renovation would be an extension of the church building for a multi-purpose room; updating restrooms and installing a restroom for the handicapped; new lighting; refurbishing the church interior; new carpeting; air-conditioning and ventilating the church. The upper level of the addition provided a "loft" seating area for over one hundred persons to sit comfortably at Mass, following and watching on closed circuit television. The lower level provided much needed storage space and room for various needs.

Updates were published in The Forum. New furniture was placed in the Sacristy. The new side altar was redesigned to house the refurbished tabernacle. By the end of 1990, work was completed and the church was in full use.

All of the renovations were made in order to make the celebration of the Mass more comfortable and enjoyable for our parish family. It is not only a monument to our religious faith but also a testimony to the continued ecumenical spirit of our church in our community.